300 Email Marketing Tips

300 Email Marketing Tips

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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

1. You sit down every week staring at that blinking cursor wondering what to send your email list, and then a week becomes two or more, and you can’t remember when the last time you emailed them was.

2. You have an opt-in incentive or lead magnet that’s pretty much-doing nothing for you or your business.

3. You have a haphazardly thrown-together email sequence that doesn’t bring you sales or engagement.

4. You silently cringe every month as you pay out your email service provider because you’re not using any of their features.

5. You’re pretty much winging it with email.

If you’re nodding yes, 300 Email Marketing Tips will give you more than a bare-bones framework to put in place an email marketing strategy for your business.
The premise of this book isn’t about growing a big fat email list. Email marketing does NOT list building alone.
You need a coherent, holistic strategy to be successful at it.